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iPhone Applications

These are the cool iPhone Applications we are developing so far!


iJog (NEW **)

iJog is your personal treadmill for iPhone. The perfect exercise for the geek, lazy or busy guy! Check out the video! :-)

people are already submitting their distance and calories records for our Hal of Fame... check this out.


Talking Board (new release 2.0)

According to Wikipedia, a talking board, generically referred as "Ouija Board" (correctly pronounced "wee-jah" /wiʤə/ although often pronounced "wee-gee" /wiʤi/ and commonly known as a 'Spirit Board' )... (more info)

ouija board - talking board- iphone apps




Express your thoughts, your feelings, everything you want to say, using small speech bubbles, like comics, thanks to your iPhone.

iphhone game - solboard - solitaire board game

iphhone game - solboard - solitaire board game

SpeechBubble is cool! It's all fun! It's priceless!
(more info)



Sometimes you just like to relax and not have to concern on anything around you. Observing a landscape, a bird, a painting, a sculpture can relax you and help achieving a stress-free state.
(more info)

iphhone game - solboard - solitaire board game


Solboard (NEW)

Solboard - Solitaire Board Game (also known as Peg Solitaire) is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes, invented in the 17th Century. (more info)

iphhone game - solboard - solitaire board game



Photoshop Pirate Guide

Photoshop Pirate Guide – the first book about Photoshop ever written without using a single word – is a visual step-by-step guide to helping people to more effectively create and deliver visually rich content, using a few, fairly simple Photoshop techniques that even beginners can grasp. (more info)

photoshop tutorials - iphone

more apps are coming...



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